ARC 2019: Academy Research Conference: Advances in Amplification (0.6 CEUs/Tier 1)


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Hearing aids are the cornerstone in the management of patients with hearing impairment across the lifespan.  Properly fit hearing aids improve audibility and, in the context of a (re)habilitation, improve quality of life for individuals living with hearing loss.  Extraordinary technical advances have been made in hearing aids over the past decade with many more on the near horizon.  Additionally, recent legislative decisions regarding hearing aid distribution and regulatory procedures will impact the hearing health landscape in the coming years.  This conference will focus on the latest advances in the selection and fitting of hearing aids as well as evidence-based research as it relates to best practices and improvement in quality of life for all individuals living with hearing loss. Chaired by Todd Ricketts, PhD, ARC19 brought together in Columbus, OH  a world-renowned lineup of leading researchers who presented their latest findings.