The Academy Research Conference (ARC) takes place each year as part of the American Academy of Audiology's annual convention. Leading researchers in the field of hearing health care gather to present their findings on a specified topic.

ARC 2020 Tele-Audiology: Theory to Practice

ARC2020: Tele-Audiology: Theory to Practice

Leading experts in tele-audiology will share translational and applied research with a strong clinical focus. This meeting will consider the changing role of technology, patient engagement, and service-delivery in audiological care during COVID-19 and beyond. Chaired by De Wet Swanepoel, PhD, professor, University of Pretoria, the program will feature a range of timely topics divided into the themes of the patient journey, assessment and intervention, and support and rehabilitation. 0.6 AAA/Tier 1 CEUs available.

ARC2020 is included in the All-Inclusive Webinar Package ($109 Members, $399 Non-Members)  If you have purchased the All-inclusive webinar package, please click here to activate the ARC 2020 Morning and ARC 2020 afternoon sessions.

ARC 2019 Advances in Amplification

ARC2019: Advances in Amplification

Hearing aids are the cornerstone in the management of patients with hearing impairment across the lifespan.  Properly fit hearing aids improve audibility and, in the context of a (re)habilitation, improve quality of life for individuals living with hearing loss.  Extraordinary technical advances have been made in hearing aids over the past decade with many more on the near horizon.  Additionally, recent legislative decisions regarding hearing aid distribution and regulatory procedures will impact the hearing health landscape in the coming years.  This conference will focus on the latest advances in the selection and fitting of hearing aids as well as evidence-based research as it relates to best practices and improvement in quality of life for all individuals living with hearing loss.

Chaired by Todd Ricketts, PhD, ARC19 brought together in Columbus, OH  a world-renowned lineup of leading researchers who presented their latest findings. 

ARC2019 is included in the All-Inclusive Webinar Package ($109 Members, $399 Non-Members)

ARC 2018 Genetics and Hearing Loss

ARC2018: Genetics and Hearing Loss Now Available on-demand

Hearing loss is the most common congenital sensory impairment and birth defect. It has been well established that genetics plays an integral role in more than half of congenital hearing losses. Given the strong relationship between genetics and hearing loss in audiological practice, the Academy continues its commitment to providing audiologists the latest on genetics research as it relates to hearing impairment in clinical practice through the annual Academy Research Conference (ARC).

Chaired by Kathleen Arnos, PhD, ARC18 brought together in Nashville, TN  a world-renowned lineup of leading researchers who presented their latest findings. Recorded in webinar format on April 18, 2018, ARC 2018 is now available on eAudiology to purchase on-demand.

ARC2018 is included in the All-Inclusive Webinar Package ($109 Members, $399 Non-Members)