Cancellation Policy
Please email your cancellation request to continuingeducation@audiology.org. Registration fees will be fully refunded if it is received 24 hours before the live Web seminar and at any time for on-demand sessions. In the event that Academy must cancel a Web seminar, 100% of the registration will be refunded. Please allow 10 - 14 days after the seminar for the processing of any refunds.

Earning CEUs
Yes! The number of CEUs varies from Web seminar to Web seminar, and is displayed on the page describing each session.

To earn CEUs for the Academy's Web Seminars you need to:
• Attend the entire web seminar
• Take the assessment, scoring 80% or better
• Complete the evaluation

Upon completion of these steps, the credits will be posted to your Academy's record. Click here for information regarding the CE registry.

PLEASE NOTE: CEUs are not available with the Academy Student Member rate.

iPad and Android App

Click on this link to download the app to watch a webcast on your Ipad : https://itunes.apple.com/us/ap... 

Click on this link to download the app to watch this webcast on your Android device: http://media01.commpartners.co... 

Android users may first have to go into Settings to allow 3rd party App installations. To do so: 

1.     Simply pop over to your phone's Settings menu (usually found by hitting the menu button from the home screen) and tap the option for Applications. 
2.     You should see an option that says "Unknown sources." Fill the checkbox next to it, then click OK on the resulting popup alert. 

You will need to note the 6 digit Event Center meeting number found on the webinar link to be able to join via the app. 

For mobile devices, we strongly recommend a good strong and clear WiFi signal for best viewing. From our experience users on the road trying to use cell phone based internet connections have lots of interruptions to the streaming audio of the webinar.  

Customer Support
If you have questions regarding a Web Seminar or the registration process, please contact continuingeducation@audiology.org.

If you are unable to pay for the Web Seminar on-line please email audiology@commpartners.com

System Requirements
Test your computer's capabilities before you log into a live event to make sure that your computer is properly set up to view the Seminar. You will find a "Test" link on each product page that contains a live event. You will be able to access the live event directly from the product page found in your "Dashboard" page.

Web and Streaming Audio Test
You will be viewing the Web Seminar via web, and listening via streaming audio (through your computer's speakers), Test your web browser and your computer's audio system.

If you cannot listen via your computer, please email audiology@commpartners.com

Common Tech Support Trends and Solutions

 1. Using Internet Explorer 11. This old web browser does not

support most modern web standards. IE 11 can cause Elevate to not load all

the tabs or not display register or login buttons. IE 11 also has issues playing

Event Center webinars and archives.

The solution: We recommend Chrome, Firefox or Edge

2. Using out of date versions of Firefox, Chrome, Edge or Safari.

The solution: Update the browser. Each browser has different steps, but here

is a link that explains how to do this for most browsers -



3. Use of VPN’s or Remote Desktop programs. Symptoms include users not

being able to log in, not be able to see or hear webinars. Or videos are

stopping and starting.

The solution: Drop the VPN or Remote Desktop connection 1st. Then try to log in


4. Browsers showing cached versions of the site, not updating to show a quiz

has been passed or other components completed. This may be a bandwidth

or computer issue.

The solution: Refresh your web browser. If you don’t know how, here is a link

that explains how https://www.wikihow.com/Force-Refresh-in-Your-Internet-