CH-TM Part Two: Tinnitus Management Principles in Practice (0.8 AAA/Tier 1 CEUs)


CH-TM is an assessment-based certificate program that uses evidence-based instructional design principles to ensure efficient learning and retention of the information.  It is an online self-study program where the learning is supplemented with a toolbox of resources.

Successful completion of Part 1 AND Part 2 within 18-months is required to earn the CH-TM certificate.

CH-TM Part 2: Tinnitus Management Principles in Practice

Module 4 - Audiological Evaluation of the Patient with Tinnitus (0.2 AAA/ Tier 1 CEUs), teaches how to assess the results of a comprehensive audiological evaluation as a basis for clinical decision making for a patient with tinnitus.

Module 5 - Tinnitus Intervention Techniques (0.2 AAA/ Tier 1 CEUs), reviews varied approaches that may be used as intervention for patients with tinnitus, including indications for use, benefits, and limitations of each technique.

Module 6 - Management Plan for the Patient with Tinnitus (0.2 AAA/ Tier 1 CEUs), teaches how to educate and collaborate with patients and other providers to develop a management plan for a patient with tinnitus.

Module 7 - Management of the Patient with Decreased Sound Tolerance (0.2 AAA/ Tier 1 CEUs), summarize the characteristics and prevalence of DST along with assessment approaches, treatment techniques, and practice management considerations for these patients.

Additional information about the CH-TM program can be found in the CH-TM Participant Handbook.

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