Cultural Awareness in Audiology

Presenter(s): Jackie L. Clark, PhD

Duration: 60 minutes

CEUs: 0.10 AAA/Tier 1

Instructional Level: Intermediate

Program Focus: Knowledge

Learning Outcomes: Upon completion, each participant in the eAudiology Web Seminar will be able to:

  1. Identify at least 3 cultural characteristics that could define a group
  2. List the two major concepts of time
  3. Describe what is Cultural Destructiveness
  4. Provide an example of someone who has high uncertainty avoidance


Though the U.S. Census of 2020 recorded only 7.4 percent increase in the resident population compared to one decade ago, there is a diverse population growing in general, as well as generationally. A richer and greater diversity is seen in the post-Gen-Z and -Gen-Z generations in comparison to lesser diversity in the pre-Boomer generation. In fact, the increased diversity within the younger generations is more than half of the U.S. population younger than age 16 and identified as a racial or ethnic minority. Such increased diversity will translate into clinicians meeting patients of cultures unlike their own. 

 On some occasions, health-care professionals may find themselves unprepared for the interactions, and consequently may mis-interpret behaviors (or lack of) during the interactions; or experience some embarrassing communication breakdowns. These breakdowns could ultimately result in poorer clinical outcomes. It is increasingly important for clinicians to become sensitive to cultural differences that exist to mitigate significant cultural mismatches and ultimately communication breakdowns.

 This webinar presentation will delve into some basic cultural parameters (e.g., collectivism/individualism, monochronicity/polychronicity, etc.), as well as anticipated gender/age roles; all of which are important to integrate during clinical interactions.


Jackie L. Clark, PhD

UT Dallas, AuD Program,Coalition for Global Hearing Health

Dr. Jackie Clark joined the UT Dallas' Audiology Program faculty in 1997
and is currently a Clinical Professor of Audiology at UT Dallas' AUD Program
within the School of Behavioral & Brain Sciences. She has been awarded an
appointment as Research Scholar with The University of The Witwatersrand,
School of Speech and Hearing Therapy in Johannesburg, South Africa. In addition,
is the Co-Founder and Co-Director of the Coalition for Global Hearing Health
and has enjoyed numerous consultations with the World Hearing Organization’s
Hearing Loss and Deafness Program. She was privileged to serve the profession
of Audiology as the Past President of the American Academy of Audiology.


Disclosures: Clinical Professor of Audiology; UT Dallas

Co-Founder/Co-Director, Coalition for Global Hearing Health

Consultant, World Health Organization – Hearing Loss and Deafness

Managing Editor, International Journal of Audiology

Editorial Board Member, The Hearing Journal Past President of American Academy of Audiology


Recorded 08/31/2021
Recorded 08/31/2021
Captioned Webinar
Recorded 09/15/2021
Recorded 09/15/2021
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