Industry Update: A New Lens on Life: Introducing the Inductive Earlens Contact Hearing Solution (0.05 AAA CEUs)

A New Lens on Life: Introducing the Inductive Earlens Contact Hearing Solution

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Presenter:  Drew Dundas, PhD – Vice President, Audiology & Product Strategy, Earlens Corporation

CEUs: 0.05 AAA CEUs

Description: The Earlens system provides substantial advantages over conventional hearing aids by directly driving the eardrum, including superior audible bandwidth, gain before feedback and sound quality for both environmental and streamed audio. Originally, Earlens used laser light to drive the lens, but ear canal movements affected laser alignment with the lens, leading to a new method of power transfer that is insensitive to ear canal movements. The result: predictable, consistent fittings and sound quality, while maintaining the benefits of direct drive.

Learning Objective:

  • Describe the method of action implemented in the Earlens system and list two key advantages of inductive energy transfer relative to light-based energy transfer.
  • Describe two key benefits of direct drive of the middle ear.


Drew Dundas, PhD Vice President, Audiology & Product Strategy Earlens Corporation 

Drew Dundas, Ph.D., FAAA, CCC-A is the Vice President, Audiology & Product Strategy at Earlens Corporation, where he coordinates development efforts across the research, Audiology, marketing, and clinical teams. Dr. Dundas was the President and CTO of Soundhawk Corporation, and former Director of Audiology at UCSF Medical Center. He was a research Audiologist at Starkey Hearing Technologies, involved in the development of fitting algorithms, signal processing techniques, and compressor design. He is a graduate of Vanderbilt University, The University of Akron and McMaster University, and he completed his clinical training at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. Dr. Dundas has published original research related to cochlear function, hearing instrument fitting, and signal processing technique performance, as well as balance function assessment.


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