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Industry Update: ICS Impulse: The Monocular VNG Solution (0.05 AAA CEUs)

Industry Update: ICS Impulse: The Monocular VNG Solution 

Brought to you by Natus, formerly Otometrics

Presenter: Stacy Morrow, BSc MSc CS

CEUs: 0.05 AAA CEUs

Description: ICS Impulse supports customers and patients in their journey of balance diagnosis with the expansion of the modular ability to include all tests required for the standard Video-Nystagmography (VNG) protocol. The portable goggles allow monocular recording of Saccades, VVOR/ VORS (in replacement to your smooth pursuit), Positional and Caloric testing. Assessment workflow recommendations are described within this update to improve efficiency and patient comfort. Clinicians can now use ICS Impulse to complete VNG and VHIT, in one software platform.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define an efficient workflow with ICS impulse for VNG functionality, to include monocular recording of Saccades, VVOR/ VORS (in replacement to your smooth pursuit), Positional and Caloric testing.

Stacy Morrow, BSc MSc CS 
Senior Manager, Global Product Manager

Stacy is the Senior Manager, Global Product Management, responsible for the Balance portfolio for Natus whom she has been working with for 4 years; she worked with the University of Nottingham as a research associated consulting on the initial proposal for the ongoing reserach on the vestibulo-toxic effects of cisplatin in cancer survivors. Stacy has had an opportunity to work closely alongside International Key Opinion Leaders innovating the in the Audio-Vestibular sector globally. Stacy completed her education within the University of Manchester, a Bachelors in Science of Audiology, and Master of Science of Neuro-sensory sciences then enrolled on a 3 year course to become a Clinical Scientist, where she completed her research and managed a large team, in Birmingham. With over 6 years of advanced clinical experience in complex cases within adult hearing and balance she is passionate about the clinical application of research.


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5 Questions  |  10 attempts  |  4/5 points to pass
5 Questions  |  10 attempts  |  4/5 points to pass
0.05 AAA credits  |  Certificate available
0.05 AAA credits  |  Certificate available CEU Certificate