Industry Update: Natus Otoscan Transforms the Future of Hearing Care (NO CEUs)

Industry Update: Natus Otoscan Transforms the Future of Hearing Care - NO CEUs Available

Brought to you by Natus, formerly Otometrics

Presenter: Emilie Skytte Koch, MA

CEUs: 0

Description: Otoscan is about to change the future of hearing care by giving hearing care professionals. A comprehensive ear scanning solution that provides a new, safe and innovative way to make digital impressions for custom in-the-ear pieces such as earmolds and hearing aids. The scanner system applies novel technology to transform images of the ear into 3D digital files that are uploaded to the cloud service, Otocloud™, for immediate use in production of custom products.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the unique features of Otoscan designed to meet the needs of the hearing industry.


Emilie Skytte Koch, MA

Emilie Koch is a global product manager at Natus, and has been part of the innovative Otoscan ear scanning project since she joined the company in 2018. Her initial role was as an international trainer using the scanner, and has since evolved into that of product manager. Emilie’s previous work experience was as a clinician in a Danish clinical practice where she conducted audiologic evaluations and hear aid fittings with adult patient. Emilie obtained both her bachelor and masters degree in Audiology at Copenhagen University.


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