To support its mission, the American Board of Audiology (ABA) has developed targeted assessment-based certificate training for active-learning audiologists interested in bridging the gaps in their clinical educations. 

The ABA has aligned the development of the Certificate Programs to ASTM E2659 Standard Practice for Certificate Programs.  This standard differentiates certificate programs from non-assessment-based programs that award “certificates of attendance” or “certificates of participation.”

Certificate programs differ from certification.  Specifically, to earn a Certificate the learner must complete required coursework based on intended learning outcomes.  A Certificate is valid for a defined period of time. ABA’s current Certificate programs are both valid for 5-years.

The Certificate Programs are delivered in a self-paced online format.  Depending on the program, material may be presented in video format, interactive format, or a combination of video and interactivity.  In addition, the programs include supplementary resources and useful tools that can be immediately utilized.  An assessment is given at the end of each training module to assess whether learning of the material has been met.  Each assessment is tightly linked, and designed around, the training program’s learning objective.  Upon completion, a Certificate is issued and the recipient of the credential may represent themselves as a Certificate Holder and use the appropriate acronym after their name.

Currently, ABA offers two Certificate Programs:

Certificate Holder—Audiology Preceptor (CH-AP™)

Certificate Holder—Tinnitus Management (CH-TM™)